Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Cafe Whisperer...

What's your cafe personality? From the shy girl who can't make eye contact with anyone to the jerk who runs a business from the loud cell phone in his pocket, step into a cafe and you'll see culture, counter-culture and everything between.

My favorite is Sweet Dreams Cafe, in Glenview, IL, where I live. If it was walking distance it would be even better. Perhaps its best to keep the temptation at a distance, just a short drive away.

Sweet Dreams has quiet, energetic music, deep red walls, soft curtains framing the ancient trees on the Historical Society grounds next door. How can you not relax? It's got plush red sofas and chairs, tables, books, candles, flowers.

Oh.. and the pastries! Sweet Dreams is owned by Mary Sopcic, a Croatian baker with extraordinary skill in the tiny world of temptation. She offers French and Croatian pastries, from fruit tarts to old-fashioned strudle, fruit breads, cakes and scones, all organic.

Have a pastry. Stay a long time and relax, and when you get hungry again, salads and sandwiches, including ample vegetarian choices await. The courteous staff won't rush your order out like fast food, but they won't rush you out either.

The customers read, talk (mostly quietly if the are on the cell phone), work, think. It's such a lovely atmosphere, you feel like you need only a whisper to talk with your friend.

You can too --- www.organicisbetter.com