Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Waiting for Vista

While you're delaying the purchase of a new computer so you can wait for one running Vista instead of Windows XP, keep these thoughts in mind, courtesty of Computer Clarity:

1. Timing: The retail version of computers loaded with Vista will be in 2007.

2. Vendors are now offering computers that are "Vista ready" meaning the processor and memory are up to Vista standards, and some are offering a free upgrade to Vista when it comes out. Why? Because they fear everyone will stop buying computers until Vista launches, and PC makers will have the weakest holiday season in years.

3. Price: New computers loaded with Vista will be very expensive, especially compared to today's great bargains in the $400 range for both desktops and laptops.

Example: The Vista operating system is priced at $399 for the Business version, $239 for Home Premium, and $199 for Home Basic (all subject to change).

So if you wait to buy a new computer, it looks like you'll be seeing prices over $1,000.