Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Social Media Handbook: New book out in January 2010

If you're wondering what to make of all the cross-traffic on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter... wonder no more. I've put together a small book called Social Media Handbook, and will announce its availability here next month.

While most of the social media sites are temporary blips on the radar, more companies are using them to reach the friends of the friends of their friends, and the impact on society is undeniable.

I myself am a Twitter quitter, but participate in Facebook and LinkedIn, just enough to say I'm out there.

But this kind of stuff... just not worth any energy:

Connect with Twitter?

"Would you like to connect TweetMeme and Twitter together to be able to easily and quickly tweet your links? You will be able to edit your tweets before they are tweeted."

Hmmm. I think I'll just say 'no.'

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Favorite new toy: Windows 7 under the tree

If you're wishing for a new computer, I hope you find a Windows 7 PC or laptop under your tree. If you have a Windows XP computer with enough power, memory and disk space, you can get by with a shiny new Windows 7 DVD and install it over Windows XP.

It's not quite as easy as opening a box with a fully configured Windows 7 set up on a hot new computer, so here's a link to some resources to help you if you choose to upgrade over Windows XP.

The Windows 7 Easy Transfer process will copy all your data files to the new computer (cross-over cable required)

Microsoft installation guide for each version

TechFlash guide to loading Windows 7 over XP