Thursday, October 09, 2008

Digital writing on Bamboo tablet....

Now that I have your attention, yes, it's true. There is a new digital pen tablet device that converts your ideas, drawings and signature to your computer.

The Bamboo lets you write emals, ideas, lists, and notes, working from anywhere. Learn more at Bamboo.

Oh, and the best news may be the $79 price tag! And it works on Windows XP, Vista and Macs.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Windows, Windows....

Good news! Microsoft told CNET this week that they will yield to pressure and keep Windows XP available - while they rapidly plan a roll-out of Windows 7 to replace Vista, the product no one wants.

Although the largest PC makers can't sell XP anymore (except for ultra-low-cost machines), they can sell Vista Ultimate and Vista Business machines with XP discs in the box, or even Vista machines that are "factory downgraded" to Windows XP.

That option was supposed to go away early next year, as Microsoft was going to stop supplying Windows XP media after January 31. However, the company now says it will offer the discs through July 31, giving the option a six-month extension. (Update: PC makers will also be able to sell the factory downgraded machines online as well.)