Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Browser wars continue: Firefox vs. Googzilla's Chrome

This report excerpt from shows user interest in Internet Explorer fading. People favor the versatility and smart web browsing of Firefox, and increasingly, Google's Chrome.  I'm always a champion for the underdog, so my loyalty remains with Firefox because their values are not capitalistic.

Mozilla believes its independence from other agendas will serve it in good stead, though. In a statement, the organization said:
Firefox demonstrated just how important browsers are, but it's important to remember that the reasons for building Web browsers are significantly different from one company to the next. Mozilla is unique in that we build Firefox to provide a truly independent offering, focused solely on individual experience and the overall good of the Web. Firefox is holding its own in the face of increased competition, with 450 million users worldwide choosing a Web browser that answers only to them.
Chrome has an advantage for Google over Mozilla's Firefox: searches from Chrome are performed directly with Google technology. That means that Google doesn't have to split the revenue with partners such as Mozilla or that drive search traffic. With such deals, the search-ad revenue Google pays partners is called traffic acquisition costs, or TAC.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Weren't we already spending too much time online?

Today's SmartBrief from The Business of News reports:

Tablet owners' daily Web usage is 48% higher
  • Tablets appear to increase by nearly half the amount of time their owners spend online and double the amount of time they spend on mobile devices, including phones, according to Knowledge Networks. In all, tablet owners spend 38% of their daily screen time on mobile devices. The data suggest marketers need to pay attention to mobile and the kinds of campaigns that work on these platforms, said Robert DeFelice, vice president for client services at Knowledge Networks. MediaPost Communications/Online Media Daily (10/3)