Saturday, June 30, 2007

Act completes turn-around

The many fans of Act in Computer Clarity's database will be thrilled to know the newest versions are stellar.
We mourned the loss of speed and clarity after version 2000, when Act was sold to Best Software, who made it second-best with version 2005. Very slow ... I mean v e r y s l o o o w. It was maddening.

Act is now owned by Sage Software and version 2007 is terrific. Performance is up to speed if your computer has at least 1 GB memory, and the appearance is improved. The beta of their next version shows Sage is on the right track, and is rewarding our patience after a rocky change in ownership.

You can still purchase older versions of Act on the secondary market (amazon,, etc.) but spring for the newest if your business needs a fresh start on managing contacts.