Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Ebook explains Web 2.0 social networking

The Mysterious World of Web 2.0 is now available in an exclusive ebook format. Download, read this colorful 43 page book with Adobe Acrobat Reader, and get a grip on the newest wave of the internet: Web 2.0. Written in slide-show format, the ebook makes it easy to understand what Web 2.0 is, and why you should care, especially if you have school-age children.

Priced at just $9.95 for instant download, with special pricing for qualified academic faculty members.
Download the ebook from Lulu at or click here for more details.

Registered purchasers will receive updates as this fast-paced social networking world evolves.

Helen Gallagher

Friday, February 15, 2008

Seaching ... for a good cause !

Have you heard of Good Search? It is powered by Yahoo search that donates money to a charity or non-profit you designate, every time you use it.

Its a new easy way to raise money for your favorite cause. Just start using as your search engine and online shopping directory. Every time you search the Internet or make an online purchase at one of their partner merchants, GoodSearch makes a donation to your favorite nonprofit or school and it's powered by Yahoo! so you get great search results!Here in Glenview, Wesley Child Care Center is one of the designated beneficiaries. Why not be an angel, and send a few cents each time you search, to benefit local children?

According to GoodSearch FAQ, if 100 people search on behalf of a designated non-profit, and do just two searches a year, the donation would be $73o/year.

We're searching anyway -- why not do something good.