Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Yahoo vs. Google - I always choose the underdog...

If you're a Google geek, you may have noticed they now include notice of potential security risks with some search results.

Yahoo is doing the same, and often has better search results because Google's are like an over-congested highway.

One of the things Google does is highlight those sites that might be a dangerous security breech for your computer.
In Google, a risky link takes you to a warning page saying "This site may be harmful to your computer."

But Yahoo automatically removes those threats from the search results. It lets through those that may have a link to downloads which may be spyware tricks. You'll stay safer in Yahoo if you look for the red warning triangle before opening such sites through a web search.

The other nice thing Yahoo has figured out, is how to let you know if a searched site has a nasty habit of using people's email address for spam. Now that's letting technology do something wonderful for us.

I feel safer already. Let me know if you Yahoo !!