Friday, July 22, 2011

A better way to listen to music: CNET says "five thumbs up"

I've heard three times this week about an exciting innovation for music lovers. Spotify is hitting the U.S. with an outstanding service. YOU can control all your music, and share it freely.

Many are calling this "the new golden age of music,"

The creator is Sean Parker, who was behind Napster, says:

"By making music social, the experience of discovering and listening to new music will be more fun than ever before. While Spotify can be downloaded and used for free on the desktop, users of Spotify will need to purchase content when they want to take music with them "on the go" via their iPod or iPhone.

In this sense, Spotify is the answer to piracy: migrating millions of piracy-based music fans to a legitimate platform where their consumption of music can be monetized, and the artists who dedicate their lives to creating music can finally get paid."