Monday, May 26, 2008

How tech-smart are you? Ten point quiz

For almost a year, I've been disappointed by the lack of oomph in technology, slow progress toward a new generation of tools that would wow us, and something to enhance personal productivity. Instead, things in the tech world are pretty standard, nothing revolutionary.

Here is a quiz for you, as listed in a Chicago Tribune article today, about common terms now used in technology. Do you know at least five of them? Post a comment below to brag about your score.

1. Embed - use code to insert a clip on your web site
2. Web 2.0 - the second generation web sites, interactive like YouTube, Wikipedia, etc. I know you know this one, so give yourself a point.
3. Meme - an ancient word from Greek, now used to refer to a unit of information that spreads quickly through the internet.
4. Flash memory - you got that one right, didn't you? Score another point.
5. Digital SLR - ooooh - your camera!
6. AirCard: lets you get wifi through your cell phone on your laptop.
7. Web widget: a small program on a web page, such as weather, scrolling slide show, polls.
8. Lolcat: Even I didn't know this one. It's a meme with funny captions on cat pictures. Want to see one? Click if you love cats.
9. Plug-in: Ha - another one you know - a program added on to enhance web browser, like Java or Adobe
10. SMS: Again, something already on your cell phone. SMS is short message service, and that what started text messages.

1 to 4: Congratulations, you're average.
5 to 8: Smarter than the typical consumer.
9 or 10: You're a well-read, highly savvy, tech-expert. Bravo.