Monday, April 29, 2013

A Nobel Prize-winner on rational decisions

Daniel Kahneman is a Nobel Prize-winning psychologist and the author of the new book: "Thinking Fast and Slow,"

Kahneman was featured on NPR's Desktop Diaries, and ironically, much of the interview centers on the fact that he does not use a desk. While I plan to review his new book, it may be beyond me, to do a critical evaluation of a Nobel Prize winning author.  But maybe I'm being irrational. ...

The NPR interview with Ira Flatlow cites:  "But the basic premise is that people operated in their self-interest and that there are - people can be rational decision makers, you know, except maybe when passion or love or fear is involved. And what Dr. Kahneman and his colleague, Amos Tversky, showed was that people make irrational decisions all the time."