Friday, August 15, 2008

Whoa! Is that a scanner in your keyboard?

Here's rare news of a new product worthy of your attention. In a world of cluttered desks, KeyScan, a developer of hardware and software scanning solutions, unveils the only computer keyboard with built-in full-page color scanner.

It converts a scan to a searachable pdf, even multi-page pdf files, or Word, just to name two options, and the document is ready to email or save. What's amazing to me is that you don't have to touch anything or issue any commands: Just insert the photo or document into the keyboard slot and watch it work.

The KS810 keyboard-scanner carries an suggested retail price of $159 and comes bundled with KeyScan’s exclusive NoTouch-AutoScan software.

The KeyScan KS810 integrated keyboard and sheet-feed scanner occupies the same footprint as a standard keyboard. It quickly and easily scans black-and-white and color documents from business cards up to 8½"x30". It takes about five seconds to scan a full-page, 300dpi, grayscale document.

You can watch a brief demo on YouTube here.