Sunday, March 02, 2014

Winter Weather Woes

Not much new in the tech world lately, but if you're like me and live in the Midwest, you're getting very tired of winter. But it gives us lots more time to spend at the computer, updating our profiles on social media, and killing the backlog of email that piles up when we're not looking.  But what can you do when these winter storms and icy weather kill your internet connection?

Those of use who use DSL are being knocked offline in a random fashion, but I see more Comcast trucks than USPS mail trucks lately. They're restoring cable connections ten times a day.

Without a connection, I recently had to make the choice to use dial-up or head out in the storms. If you experience the same stunning lack of connectivity, don't panic. Turns out we have plenty of options to hop online. If you have a laptop, stop off at your local library, a wi-fi cafe, a Panera restaurant, or even the lobby at your local hospital, for a real email emergency! Without a laptop, your public library is the best resource. They have loads of computers available for your use.

What's important is such a minor crisis is to remember that you do have options. You might miss the comfort of couch surfing but the change of scenery may also boost your creativity, get you out among people,, and ease your panic over missed emails. It usually turns out they're not as hotly important as we think when we get caught up in them day after day.

And of course, you could also get some exercise, then relax and read a book.