Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The two worst words in tech: "SIMPLY LOG-IN"

Surely, you, like me, have been frustrated by the inability to log-in at a site, where you know your user name, and of course, you know your password.

My frustrations mount when I have to try various user names and passwords, and check my encrypted password list to be certain I've got it right.

Today, the problem was worse than usual, so I tried creating a new account.
No matter what variation on my name I tried, or which email address, the service responded that name was already in use.

So I was instructed to "simply log-in..."  and it simply failed, over and over again.

Then I tried to re-set my password, and even though my various names were "in use" none of them allowed me to re-set the password.

I think from now on, once I get past this obstacle, I'll change my password to IFIHADAHAMMER...

Hope your day is going better, and the tech gods on on your side,