Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Get your news at only the real CNN web site, not mail links

With so many of us watching the Olympics, keeping up with world news, and getting ready for the big DNC convention in Denver next week, the web's resources are a natural way to get a quick news fix.

Last week I noticed I was getting emails from CNN with news stories. Since I'd never signed up, I deleted them, but want to share this warning with you. As I suspected, the non-CNN look-alike emails actually lead to trouble. Here's the recap, thanks to the Wilmette Chamber of Commerce tech person:

As I rebuild a 5th computer in so many days, I thought it would be worth
sending a message to everyone about a very nasty virus that is out right
now. It is called Antivirus 2008 or 2009 and is downloaded from an email
that looks like it is from CNN. If you open the mail and click a link to
one of the stories, it will ask you to install a flash update and when you
click OK the virus is loaded on to your machine. It disables your current
virus protection and constantly warns you that you have hundreds of viruses
on your machine. It keeps prompting you to buy the full version.

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