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Helen Gallagher is a Chicago area independent computer consultant since 1966, and is the author or contributor to:
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Computer Ease
Price: $14.95 
  Lonely Planet Traveler's Tales
Price: $16.95
  Release Your Writing
Price: $16.95 
   Blog Power & Social Media
  Price: $16.95

All of these books are available through the publisher and major online retailers. Signed copies are always available from the author, Helen@cclarity.com.

Why Computer Clarity?

It's a tough time in technology. Should you .... 

Move ahead?
Go back?
Stay where you are?
What we need to succeed in business is a reliable computer system that gives more than it takes. It should work without prayer, crossed fingers, lucky charms, or hours of frustration.

"Helen, this is where I have wanted to take this thing for a year now….nice job."

We help clients make sense of technology today. While not a hardware or networking firm, we make the appropriate diagnosis of your needs for a successful home office or small business computer configuration. The rest is up to you and the computer gods.

There are no shortcuts to good file management, backup methods, or email management. We teach strategies to stay on top of the clutter, use your time wisely, and end the day ahead of where you started.
In software, we specialize in the Microsoft suite plus the important business applications: database work, Act! Contact Manager, from version 4 to the very newest, QuickBooks from version 6 to the latest, and internet applications including
  • web sites
  • blog consulting and blog writing
  • email newsletters
  • getting found online: unraveling the mysteries of Internet search.

    Helen Gallagher  • Computer Clarity

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