Thursday, February 12, 2015

What happens when we die?

Unlike the personal papers left behind when a person dies, an online portfolio can continue on, with "Likes" and Fans" who don't even know if the person is still alive.

An interesting article today from The Associated Press reports that people may now be able to designate someone to manage their presence, long after they leave their place in the cloud.

Here is the full story, from ABC TV. Looks like we all have something new to think about, and hope we have the sense to abandon our online profiles before the day comes when we are no longer here. Interestingly, Facebook offers to take care of the task for you if you check a box to delete your account when they find out you died. Is that creepy?

Of course, you can also have the foresight to delete your accounts or leave a list of your log-ins and passwords, and make your wishes known to a trusted friend or family member.