Monday, August 01, 2011

Why I Bing...

Sure, Google used to be cool, and has always been a better search tool than what came before. But its market share, and its features, haven't changed much in the past two years. That's why I switched to Bing as soon as Microsoft released it.

Bing is something new, fresh, and a product that delivers better results every time. I'm one of those people who always support a product for innovation over popularity. Google became a household word, and a habit... sometimes a useless habit, when the clutter it produces doesn't yield the best results.

A New York Times article on 7-31-11, in fact, the Page 1 feature in the Sunday Business section explained how Microsoft has worked hard to be better, and to redefine search with Bing, creating a decision tool to deliver the results you want.
Instead of a blank screen, Bing also surprises you by presenting a gorgeous photo each day, usually in the realm of nature or culture. 

Since Google hasn't done anything clever to improve the search experience in the last few years, why not switch to Bing. You'll find true logic when you search for topics in the travel and health area, as well as literature, quotes, computer problems, language translation, calculators, movie reviews, local listings and more.

Search tools are free, and so is our right to use the one we like, not the dominant player.

Since most web browsers offer a choice of search engines, you don't have to use the one that comes up when you search.

For Firefox, here's how to change the default search tool to Bing

If you use a different web browser, search the Help for 'default search tool' and you'll find similar instructions.

Let me know how you like using Bing! -- email