Thursday, July 09, 2009

BING: Microsoft's search engine

Okay, so they are still a few years behind their competitors but Microsoft has crawled to the finish line with an attractive search tool. Their intent is to kill Google, no doubt, but mostly it will move use away from Yahoo, Clusty, and the minor search engines some of you have been using for ten years.

Bing is sharp looking, and the search results are intelligent. My favorite feature is the photo background. Maybe I'll get tired of it, but for now, it gets me every time.

Here are a few highlights from David Pogue's full review on the New York Times site. I'll give you just enough to make you start typing (or just 'bing' in Firefox) next time you think of using Google. Then go read David's full article, and become a convert:

"For example, if you search for a celebrity’s name, that space offers an attractive table of common-sense links: News, Movies, Quotes, Biography and Images. When you search for a sports team, you see Schedule, Tickets, Stadium, History and Wallpaper. When you search for a medical condition, that table offers Causes, Remedies, Treatment, Prognosis and News.

Both Bing and Google offer an Image Search page, where you can find photos from the Web of anyone or anything. On Bing, however, the results page scrolls forever — you don’t have to keep clicking Next, Next, Next.

As on Google, you can search for videos. But on Bing, you can preview the results far more efficiently. Just point to a thumbnail (without clicking) in the search results, and the video begins to play back sample segments, seven seconds at a time, right there on the thumbnail."

Read David Pogue's full and balanced review here