Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lost? Get free directions & information

Google now offers free 411 information service on the web and on cell phones.

On your phone, dial 1-800-goog411. You don't need a computer, an Internet connection, or even the keypad on your phone or mobile device. GOOG-411 is voice-activated, so you can access it from any phone (mobile or land line), in any location, at any time. For free. (*)

Dial (1-800) GOOG-411. Say where. Say what you're looking for. GOOG-411 will connect you with the business you choose. For now, there's no charge to connect your call.

See the quick video demo here:

Monday, November 10, 2008

Next version of Windows: Maybe it's one you'll really want...

With the dismal consumer acceptance of Microsoft's Vista operating system, those of us holding on to Windows XP so we can be productive, will soon have a new system to covet.

If you're itching to upgrade, the early reviews of the next version of Windows, currenty called Windows 7, is on display at trade shows around the world, and seems to combine to fresh new look of Vista + Macs with the functionality we need and appreciate in Windows XP. Launch dates are scheduled for early 2009.

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